CARSSU is pleased to host its inaugural annual student conference.  It will bring together scholars, community members and students from across the GTA and North America to discuss contemporary Caribbean thought and theories.  The conference will bring together scholars of Caribbean thought from across North America and will showcase student work, both academic as well as artistic.  It will highlight student’s essays and artwork from CARSSU Journal Edition 1, which will be launched at the conference.


The conference is a two day event and will be held on Friday 25th March and Saturday 26th March, 2011, beginning with a culture show and semi-formal dinner showcasing student performances and art work, including those highlighted in our journal.  We will also invite performers from the Caribbean Diaspora and community.  The academic conference will be held on Saturday with discussions focused around the theme, “THE CARIBBEAN: Diaspora, Environment and Development”.   The purpose of the conference is to allow for students to see the breadth to which Caribbean Studies could be taken and also the work of the West Indian Diaspora in academics.  The weekend’s events will culminate with the first ever club night to be organized across all three campuses at U of T.


The details of all three events are below.  For more information, feel free to contact us via email at students.carssu@gmail.com or by phone at 416 835 3983 or during our office hours below.

 ******************CARIBBEAN RIDDUMS**********************

This event will start off the weekend of events being hosted by CARSSU under the theme “CARIBBEAN QUILT” .  This event is a culture show and semi-formal dinner showcasing the talents of students and community performers from the GTA.  This event will showcase West Indian culture in its different forms, i.e. dance, music, spoken word.

Date: Friday 25th March, 2011

Time: 7 p.m.

Location: William Doo Auditorium

                45 Willcocks Street,

                Toronto, ON

                M5S 1C6

Dress Code: Semi Formal

Highlights: Steelpan performances, African Drumming, UofT BSA Dance Group, Ryerson WISA Dance Group, a theatrical performance showcasing Haitian culture and many others 

In collaboration with West Indian Students Association and Black Students Association 


We will try to meet all possible dietary needs with halal, vegetarian, vegan options

 ****************THE CARIBBEAN: Diaspora, Environment and Development*******************

Date: Saturday 26th March, 2010

Time: 12 noon to 6 p.m.

Location: Wilson Hall 1016

Lunch served: Wilson Hall Lounge


With keynote speaker Professor Jean-Marie Bourjolly


This academic conference will highlight student speakers and academic scholars from the Caribbean region whose works focus on the West Indian Diaspora.  The conference will consist of 3 panels and a keynote speaker.

Panel 1: CARIBBEAN QUILT: Journal Submissions 

This panel will consist of works from 2 students published in the CARSSU Journal Vol 1.   

          Colonial and post-colonial literature


 Panel 2: The Caribbean and the Environment

          Claire-Helene Hesse Boutin

          Anastasia Deonarinesingh

          Martyn Forde  

Panel 3: Deconstructing Diaspora  

This panel will discuss the meaning of the word “diaspora” as it relates to academics and even how they personally perceive what the word means.

           Professor R. Walcott

          Professor A.  Itwaru

          Professor M.  Newton

 Keynote Speaker: Jean-Marie Bourjolly

 We will try to meet all possible dietary needs with halal, vegetarian, vegan options

  ********************COOL IT DOWN**************** 

Date: Saturday 26th March, 2010

Time: 10:30 p.m.

Location: D’Luxe Lounge, Guvernment Nightclub

Dress Code: Dress to Impress, Walk with your flags

All ages

Tickets: $5 or $8 at the door

Contact students unions to buy tickets/ or by phone 416 835 3983

In collaboration with West Indian Students Association, Black Students Association, Caribbean Connections UTM and Caribbean Connection UTSC



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